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Toyota Astra Finance (TAF)

Toyota, Daihatsu, Lexus and Multi-Purpose Financing Car Solutions.

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In 2006, PT Astra International, Tbk (AI) and Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC) decided to buy shares of PT KDLC Bancbali Finance, a limited liability company established in 1994. And at that time, PT KDLC Bancbali Finance changed its name to PT Toyota Astra Financial Services (TAF).

TAF is the 31st sales finance company of TFSC that operates globally in more than 30 countries. As part of the Toyota Value Chain, TAF was originally established to support the sale of Toyota products through consumer financing and leasing for ownership of new Toyota vehicles. But along with the growth of the automotive business in Indonesia, now TAF also serves financing of Daihatsu and Lexus brand vehicles.

Since 2006, TAF offers a pleasant experience for every customer to realize their dream car ownership. Starting from DKI Jakarta, Java and Bali, TAF continues to expand its business by expanding coverage areas to Sumatra in 2008, Kalimantan in 2009, and Sulawesi in 2014. Through 37 branch offices today, TAF comes closer to providing various facilities in vehicle financing, ranging from vehicle financing for individuals (retail), vehicle financing for companies (fleet), and options for using cars through a subscription scheme (subscribe) through KINTO ONE products.

TAF always puts forward professionalism to bring comfort, convenience, and speed in each of its products and services. Until now, TAF has always been a friend who always has a commitment to create a better life for each customer, stakeholders and the people of Indonesia.

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