Komatsu Astra Finance (KAF)

KAF is a financial service company that is 50% owned indirectly by the Company and 50% Komatsu Group. KAF’s mission is to provide financial support to encourage sales activities of Komatsu heavy equipment and its supporting products in Indonesia.

Products and Services

In manifesting its core business mission to support Komatsu’s customers, KAF designs a range of heavy equipment financing facilities as well as competitive and attractive programs to support sales activity, including spare-parts financing programs.

Marketing and Sales Network

The marketing operations of KAF are in line with Komatsu’s business strategies. In essence, Komatsu serves the needs of heavy equipment fleet used by mining companies as well as a number of companies in agribusiness, forestry and construction sectors. Since 2016, KAF initiated the development of distribution network as an implementation step for the financing portfolio diversification strategy to non-mining sector, as well as a medium to improve the quality standard of Komatsu’s sales service. After the opening of representative office in Pekanbaru, expansion of distribution was continued in 2017 with three new office locations, namely in Surabaya, Balikpapan and Makassar; hence, the distribution network of KAF at the end of 2017 consisted of head office and four representative offices.

Market Share 

KAF’s market share is measured based on the percentage of UT’s total credit sales. In 2017, KAF’s market share reached 36% (source: internal research data).

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