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Honda motorcycle financing service for new and used motorcycle in good quality

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PT Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) began with the establishment of PT Mitrapusaka Artha Finance on May 1, 1989. Changes in the composition of the Company’s shareholders in 1991 became the reason behind the alteration to Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) and are a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk. FIGROUP is engaged in financing business such as Investment Financing, Working CapitalFinancing, Multipurpose Financing, Operating Leases and/or Fee- Based Activities, Sharia Financing, Other Financing based on the approval of the Financial Services Authority. Along with the development of theCompany’s business, since 1996 FIFGROUP has focused on financing Honda motorcycles. The newFIFGROUP identity was launched in 2013, marking the transformation of the Company’s business in thefinancing business in Indonesia. As of the end of 2017, the Company provided financing services for motor vehicles and multipurpose financing that can be used for various purposes. The step of business transformation under the auspices of FIFGROUP brand is accompanied by the Company’s business lines development. In addition to FIFASTRA, SPEKTRA and AMITRA, in March 2017, FIFGROUP launched DANASTRA, a financing product that focuses on multipurpose financing services and working capital. To support the selling of those financing products, at the end of 2018 the Company has pioneered FIFADA as anE-commerce channel.

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