Dana Pensiun Astra (DPA)

Astra provides a comprehensive retirement plan to ensure adequate welfare of its employees upon completion of service to the company. In addition to being registered members of the government’s retirement program, all permanent employees of Astra also receive benefits from the corporate pension fund managed by the Astra Pension Fund (DPA).

In serving its mission to manifest the company’s concern toward employee welfare upon entering retirement, Astra Pension Fund (DPA) assists management in providing support for two main pension programs:

  1. Management of Employee Pension Fund The Employee Pension Fund is managed independently by the Astra Pension Fund (DPA), in order to provide complementary benefits to those derived from the government’s social security program and retirement program. The pension fund’s monthly contribution is jointly borne between employers and employees with a portion amount that has been previously determined.
  2. Retirement Preparation Program The Retirement Preparation Program covers training programs on life skills for employees, including counseling and training for financial  and psychological readiness that are custom-made to the needs, interests and plans of individual employee upon entering a new stage of life. The program commences within two year prior to the effective retirement, and employees are granted the option to take a leave of 6 months prior to retirement in order to begin preparations for a business.

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