Asuransi Astra Buana (Asuransi Astra)

PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Asuransi Astra) offers conventional and sharia insurance products and services for vehicles, health and commercial  business.

Products and Services

The protection solutions available from Asuransi Astra are as follows:

  • Retail insurance for vehicle protection: Garda Oto and Garda Motor;
  • Employee health protection: Garda Medika;
  • Commercial insurance for the protection of property assets, heavy equipment, marine cargo and
    others; and
  • Sharia insurance, for all retail, health and commercial insurance products with sharia principles.

At the end of 2017, Asuransi Astra’s business portfolio is made up of 54% coverage for vehicle, 31% for commercial insurance and the remaining 15% for health insurance usiness.

Marketing and Sales Network

Asuransi Astra maintains a national distribution network with 27 branch offices supported by 44 service units and Garda Center. Asuransi Astra equips its branch network with service innovation that optimizes the quality of communication and interaction with customers. Technological developments and people lifestyle have now driven Asuransi Astra to concentrate on service innovation with a digital platform that provides maximum  service coverage and market penetration potentials.

With the determination to transform into the best digital-based insurance company in Indonesia, the ever-growing network of services by Asuransi Astra has included the following:

  • Garda Center, as an innovative customer service center in various strategic locations, such as shopping centers.
  • 24-hour Garda Siaga, as a mobile service center that provides Emergency Roadside Assistance with hydraulic technology innovation and Emergency Medical Assistance support for emergency ambulance and paramedical assistance;
  • 24-hour Garda Akses, as an integrated contact center service with extensive access through Call 1500 112, Click, SMS 08118500112, Facebook Garda Oto, Twitter @GardaOto and Garda Mobile Otocare and Medcare Applications.
  • Garda Mobile, is an innovative mobile application-based service. Designed with unlimited market penetration coverage capabilities, Garda Mobile currently provides apps for customer use and service personnel use as follows:

1. External Party: Customer

  • Otocare is an application that can be used by all smartphone users, both Garda Oto customers and public in general, featuring a variety of capabilities and attractive features to provide comfort and peace for vehicle This app can be downloaded via Play Store and App Store.
  • Medcare is an application that provides various features to support healthy lifestyle, with special features for Garda Medika members/customers to monitor the data of claims and insurance benefits they have. This app can be downloaded via Play Store and App Store.
  • CRakses is an application that provides the ability to display / report comprehensive data related to insurance protection programs owned by corporate customers, to facilitate the process of monitoring claims and available protection benefits to registered participants. This app can be downloaded through App Store.
  • HRakses is an application specifically designed for human resources (HR) managers of the companies participating in Garda Medika insurance to access membership information, claims, and other Garda Medika information. This app can be downloaded through App Store.

2. Internal Party: Officer

– OtoSurvey is an application that can assist the assessors (surveyors) in improving the quality of service and accelerating the process of claims and assessment for customers of Garda Oto.

– OtoSales is an application that can assist sales staff to perform centralized process of information/ activities to follow-up prospective customers.

  • Garda Oto Digital, as the newest service channel, which facilitates online (insurance) purchases, on-site claim surveys, ease of claims including vehicle shuttle srvice from the repair shop and vehicle repair status updates.
  • Garda Marine as a portal service that facilitates commercial customers in issuing marine cargo certificates.
  • Risk Management Service is a service for commercial customer readily analyzing and providing risk management consultancy for the sustainability of customer’s business.

Market Share

In 2017, Asuransi Astra achieved 18% market share based on Gross Written Premium for two wheelers and four wheelers, thus maintaining its leading position in the vehicle insurance segment (source: internal research data).

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