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PT Astra Mitra Ventura is a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk, was established in 1991. Astra Ventura contribute in building Indonesian economy through the provision of financing facilities and equity participation accompanied by business assistance to debtors & business partner with a particular focus on Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in selected sectors that aligned with Astra’s business.

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Astra Mitra Ventura provides financing to various types of businesses such as manufacturing, workshops, cooperatives, infrastructure, and services and trade, Small and Medium Industries (IKM) which have a business focus in line with ASTRA.

Vision :Leading partner of SMIs in accordance with the business and “value-chain” through integrated business financing and assistance.

Mission : Commit to support SMIs’ capital through assistance

Financing products provided by Astra Ventura are :

  1. Productive Financing, funding that can support to develop a business through working capital, invoice financing, and project financing, so as to develop the business without having to doubt the availability of funds owned. This type of loan is designed to help business cash flow management.
  2. Equity Participation, direct investment to Investee Companies through Equity Participation
  3. Convertible Bonds, productive financing with a Bond Purchase pattern that can be converted into Shares

Our debtors will certainly be given training and assistance in running their business, starting from the operational system, making financial reports, and so on. Assistance and training is certainly to facilitate the improvement of the ability of SME in Indonesia through link & match programs, financial clinics, sharing by TOP Management of Astra, benchmarking with Astra Group, and business consulting.

Astra Ventura works by prioritizing the value of work philosophy as empathy, excellence, integrity, responsibility, and team works to help IKM grow and become an advanced, independent, modern, and resilient company, that have a strong value, do continuous improvement, high integrity, and excellent service to.

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